YogaFit Teacher Trainings

Deepen your yoga practice in a fun, safe environment with teachings backed by both tradition and modern exercise science.

YogaFit is a trauma-sensitive yoga school.

I’m back from a winter break and excited to share with you a NEW course I designed!!!

Yoga for Sleep is a one-day workshop provides specific yogic tools for how to sleep better with an understanding of the pressures of modern life. We take a deep dive into the science of sleep to understand the stages of sleep and learn how research-based relaxation practices like yoga Nidra can help create the bridge that leads to sleep. Recent recommendations in chronobiology combined with the traditional ayurvedic clock provide lifestyle interventions that take us far beyond traditional sleep hygiene. 

In-person, May 31 at the Minneapolis Mind Body Fitness conference

If you are on Facebook, please join the Minneapolis MBF Facebook group at It’s a great place to connect with other students and trainers and stay updated on all the fun and festivities.

July 29
October 28

Ready to get started with your first yoga training? Join me for Level 1 June 1 + 2 in Minneapolis. This training is perfect if you are interested in becoming a yoga teacher or want to get extra information for your personal yoga practice.

To register: and use code gelliottwda (CAN) or gelliottzlz (US).

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