Meditation Lite

“I can’t meditate because my mind wanders.”

We’ve probably all heard this one before. Well I hate to be the one to break it to your but that is meditation. The mind wanders away – oops! – and then when you remember, you bring it back to the meditation (for .2 seconds until it wanders away again). Or sometimes it’s the whole body! I have started a meditation practice only to find myself almost involuntarily on my phone or in another room.

Are you open to trying Meditation Lite?

Meditation Lite is a term I use for an informal style of meditation. It brings attention and awareness to every day activities. It’s not about clearing your mind, it’s about working with what the mind naturally does and then gently guiding it to what you want it to do.

“I can’t sit still with my eyes closed for an hour.” No problem, how about looking out the window with a mindful attitude of attention and awareness for 15 minutes?

“I don’t get a minute to stop what I’m doing all day.” Hmm… how about being fully aware of one of your daily activities. Open your 5 senses to mundane tasks like doing the dishes or getting dressed. If you have to do it anyways, you may as well do it mindfully.

Meditation Lite Ideas

Being fully present for your morning cup of coffee. Take a moment to hold your cup, smell the coffee, feel the temperature in the room, notice how your body feels before, during and after.

Mindful Eating. Are you eating on the go while mindlessly scrolling social media? There are so many benefits to pausing, chewing thoroughly and actually tasting your meal. Being present and taking deep breaths also helps with digestion and energy. Mindful eating is a big trend in the mindfulness world now with workshops and online courses being offered. You can check out YogaFit’s YogaLean here for yogic look at mindful eating and lifestyle:

Being completely focused on the present moment while travelling to work. If your mind wanders to what is going to happen at work, bring it back to focusing intently on your journey. As John Kabat-Zinn says, when you’re in the shower, be in the shower. Don’t be at your 9:00 meeting already! On that note…

While taking a shower, open up your 5 senses to the fullest enjoyment of the moment. Don’t stress about being cold when you get out, what you will wear or how your day will go. If you’re going to be in the shower anyways, you may as well enjoy it.

Boredom meditation. This is one of my favourites. It’s like modern society thinks boredom is some sort of sickness to be avoided at all costs. The next time you are bored, fully lean in to the experience. Examine it like you have spotted a rare creature in the forest: What does it feel like? Where does your mind go? What desires do you have when boredom strikes? More on this in a later post…

Exercise: Be hyper aware of every movement, sensation, feeling and emotion. This does not have to be done slowly but it may help to choose rhythmic, repetitive movements like running, walking or dancing. It may seem counterintuitive, but due to it’s repetitive nature and many recovery breaks, HIIT workouts can lend themselves to a more mindful practice.

Conversation meditation: The next time you are speaking with someone be truly aware of their words and your thoughts. Adopt a more attentive posture. Breathe deeply when they are speaking without anticipating what you are going to say next or making judgements or assumptions about what they will say next.

Are you already practicing Meditation Lite? Let me know in the comments!

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