A study done in rats compared two groups: rats who could exercise for fun and rats who were forced to exercise. The rats who were forced to exercise received none of the health benefits! What does this mean for us human gym rats? For more information: Interview, “The Science of Stress” with Robert Sapolsky reading “GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR WORKOUT BY BUILDING YOUR MENTAL MUSCLE”

Hacks for Daylight Savings Time Change

Sorry this one comes a day late and a dollar short, but here it is anyways. We just did the annual spring forward (wheee!) and lost an hour of sleep last night (boo!). Is there a way to reset our internal rhythms so that we can naturally go to sleep earlier? Of course! First ofContinue reading “Hacks for Daylight Savings Time Change”

The Secret Sauce for a Good Night’s Sleep

This will be the first in a series all about sleep! I want to start with the main ingredient and then follow up with more specific information and tools to apply this to your life and get the benefits. So what is the secret sauce? The Gunas! The whats? The 3 gunas are a conceptContinue reading “The Secret Sauce for a Good Night’s Sleep”

Tips for a Trauma-Sensitive Practice

“Trauma-sensitive” seems to be the latest buzz in health and wellness. This is wonderful news, but what does it really mean for a personal yoga practice? Working with trauma is a long journey and I urge you to get support from your networks and healthcare professionals. Although I am no trauma-sensitive expert I want toContinue reading “Tips for a Trauma-Sensitive Practice”

How to Write a Nocturnal Journal

To listen to a guided audio version, click here: Here are some suggestions for what to write in your sleep log or “nocturnal journal” inspired by Charley Morley and his book, “Wake up to Sleep.” The emotion you feel right when you wake up. There is a line of thinking that the feeling ofContinue reading “How to Write a Nocturnal Journal”