Gratitude, Grief and Optimism: Rose, Thorn, Bud

This is my variation on a classic mindfulness exercise. It can be found on my YouTube site here:
Long version:
Short version:

I placed this here so it can be used as a journal activity or however else you may like to use it. Enjoy!


Bring to mind events that went particularly well over the past year. Go, you! Give yourself time to congratulate.

Bring to mind things that you are grateful for. Give yourself time to appreciate and feel wonderful.

You may like to pause and allow these positive feelings to fill you.


Bring to mind events that did not go well this year. Allow yourself to grieve these events, whether they are big or small. Allow yourself to acknowledge and feel your feelings.


Recall 3 acts of kindness that you saw this year. Whether big or small, acts of kindness can have a huge emotional and psychological impact, allowing us to experience or witness the support of others.


Plant a seed for what you would like to see grown in your life in 2021. You may have an intention, vague dreams, or very specific goals. Vizualize them all coming true in vivid detail. Allow yourself to experience these things as though you already have them. These blessings are on their way.

Happy New Year and Best wishes for what lies ahead!


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