Yoga and Grief Pt 2

I am very fortunate to be able to say that I have wrapped up an amazing session of Aloka Yoga for Grief and Bereavement. It was an amazing program and everyone involved was fantastic to work with.

So what was it?

It was an 8 week series of yoga classes full of tools to help process grief and restore a feeling of well-being to body and mind. Even if grief will never be “cured” we can still use tools to cope and enjoy brighter days.

So what were these tools?

Short burst of joyful or vigorous movement to create a shift of mood and energy. (not too much, just enough to start feeling different).

Essential oils for the energy of the heart to create a lifted, bright feeling.

Affirmations to encourage a mental state of allowing pleasure and gratitude.

Active and passive poses to improve posture by opening the front line of the body and improving mobility.

Meditation to keep the mind present and allow the body to rest.

Selected music and readings appropriate to the group to help create a mood and process thoughts and feelings.

Aloka can be translated to mean light, or luminous.

The whole theme of the program was taken from the Asamota Sad Gamaya lyrics, specifically the prayer to be taken from dark to light. In meeting with my participants after the sessions I can confidently say that this shift is occurring!

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