Open Awareness: A favourite meditation practice of mine

Strangely enough, I have only once or maybe twice ever heard of this style of meditation. It’s as simple as most styles of meditation in the sense that you hold your focus on one thing. In this case…

Hold your focus on whatever comes in to your awareness.

Sit or lie down. Maybe first you notice the feeling of the surface beneath you. Let your attention rest there. Then you notice that your left elbow is itchy. Let your attention rest there. Then you are aware of the sound of a distance ice cream truck (it’s summer here right now). Let your attention rest there. Whatever comes to your 5 senses, place your attention there.

With this style of meditation you stay in the constantly-evolving present moment (or at least that’s the idea). Nothing in this world stays the same. And we have control over very little, if anything. This style of meditation provides an opportunity for working with the present moment without passing judgement. In that sense you can experience your awareness as though you are an observer.

You may even like to picture yourself as though you are looking down on yourself from outside your body, but inside the room you are in. Another option is to focus on each one of your 5 senses, one at a time. If you feel a little out of touch with your awareness, you can sense the temperature of the room or do small movements like roll your shoulders, turn your head or swallow.

My favourite reason for practicing this style? I feel more alert and therefore, I don’t fall asleep.


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