Power Playlists

Power Playlists are my favourite “homework” assignment to give clients! What is a Power Playlist? It is a playlist of songs or an album to set a certain mood or feeling. I start with two: 1) to get you powered up when you want to feel upbeat; and 2) to help you power down when you want to relax.

Set at least 10 minutes aside this week to create a playlist on your phone/tablet/computer/YouTube account/app/8-track/tape/CD/you get the idea…. The more you use it, the more songs you will think of to add to it.

It takes some work to get it started, then the key is to leave it somewhere you will see it on a regular basis to remind you to use it. It takes some time to create the habit, but then once you do it is an almost effortless way to power up or down.

I have started a PowerUp Playlist on my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiuivQ0zGoaEJ_qCENyOFCbsG38rREs7X

I would love to know what your favourite PowerUp songs are. Please drop a comment below!

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