Tapping Script for Evil Mondays

Even though I hate Mondays, I’m okay
Even though I HATE Mondays, I’m going to be alright
Even though I really, really hate Mondays, I accept myself as I am

I fucking hate Mondays
I’m going to have a heart attack
Did you know that?
Monday is the highest heart attack risk of the week
No wonder I feel stressed
These days every day feels like Monday
But today is Monday for real

And I hate everything about it
Mondays make me feel awful
So much pressure
Never a chance to catch my breath
I just want to feel good
But I get this feeling of impending doom!

But I can feel okay
I begin now to open myself up to positive vibes
I can be alright with myself on Mondays
I choose to feel good
I choose to feel healthy and well
I decide now to allow my body to relax
I invite my mind to relax
I encourage all tension in my body to release

I focus on the good
I feel the good in myself
I appreciate the good in my life
I welcome positive emotions and events in to my life
I am willing to have a good day
Something wonderful is coming for me
I open myself up to receive
You know what? I feel better already

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