Small ways to develop each chakra

I think that right now in the world, big goals are too much pressure to even think about. But we also know that small steps yield big results. So here is my list of little ways to develop each chakra for a more balanced and happier life. Enjoy!

Crown Chakra: Consider things you have done in your life that connected you to others in a meaningful way such as being a sports fan, joining a book club, teaching others or helping a friend move.

Third Eye Chakra: When considering ways that a situation may unfold, take a moment to use the power of your imagination to see possible outcomes, no matter how ridiculous they may seem. With time, your imagination gets stronger and leads to creative solutions and ideas.

Throat Chakra: Before interrupting or responding to someone, count to ten. During meditation or relaxation, take time to listen to your own thoughts as if you were someone else.

Heart Chakra: Recognize opportunities for positive interactions such as chatting with cashiers, freely giving compliments or telling someone how much they mean to you. On the flip side, recognize opportunities to politely decline negative interactions such as ending a phone call early before it becomes draining to your energy.

Solar Plexus Chakra: See tasks through to their completion. It is one of the best ways to create feel-good chemicals in the brain. Take pride in life’s small details like artfully making your bed or tidying up after yourself.

Sacral Chakra: Create something new – try a new recipe, art project, different ways of styling your wardrobe, move the furniture around or try an online course ( has many free ones).

Root Chakra: Practice gratitude for everything you have that provides for your basic needs. Appreciate the little things like indoor plumbing, your favourite shirt or a good meal.

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