Tapping for chronic pain

Karate chop:
Even though it hurts, I love and accept myself
Even though I am in pain, I accept my experience
Even though I feel the pain, I am okay

Top of the head: It seems like something always hurts!

Inner eyebrow: I am always in pain

Side of the eye: It makes me so angry

Below the eye: And sad

Under the nose: Why is this always happening to me?

Under the lips: It’s so frustrating

Collar bone: I wish it weren’t like this

Liver: It’s not supposed to be this way

Karate chop: But this is my experience

(Repeat all the points)

I feel so much pain

So much hurting

So much discomfort

So much uneasiness

I can’t just be okay

Feel safe

Feel pleasure

Feel a sense of peace and ease

Life always has to be so difficult

But maybe part of me likes this

It is familiar

I know it well

It gives me certainty

And a sense of control

I know exactly how it’s going to turn out

This is the part where I have pain

And I know all the lines

This is my show

The pain show

Pain is the main character

And I’m in the supporting role

Maybe something in this serves me

Perhaps I want to stay in pain

Stay in hurt

Stay in loss

Stay in anger

But I’m getting tired of the script

I am ready for a new way of being

A new way of seeing myself

I am so much more than just my pain!

I am complex and interesting

I am so much deeper than my hardships

I’ve got a lot going for me

I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve got a lot going on

And I am ready to let it shine

Ready for pain to take a backseat

So I can step forward at the star of my own show

Pain is just something that happens

It’s part of life

Even though sometimes it feels like the whole thing

I am ready to step in to my full experience

Allow myself to enjoy life

Allow my body to relax

Invite my mind to relax

I am ready for peace and ease

I can focus on the good in myself.

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