Tapping to Manifest

Before using this script you may like to take a few minutes to journal, pray, meditate or visualize on what you would like to bring in to your life.

Karate chop point: Even though I may have some reservations I am ready to dream. Even though it may seem unbelievable I can give it a try. Even though it sounds too good to be true I can express what I want .

Top of the head: My dreams haven’t always come true I’ll admit that much. I may not have achieved every goal I’ve ever set.

Eyebrow: And sometimes it’s a heartbreak. Sometimes it has cost me. Sometimes I’ve gotten my hopes up only to have my dreams dashed .

Side of eye: And I want to acknowledge that it’s tough to dream again  

Under the eye: Tough to put myself out there 

Under the nose: tough to take that first leap 

Chin: To risk my dreams not coming true 

Collar bone: But I know the risk of not trying is far greater 

Karate chop: So I’m starting now. I am where I am and that’s okay. I’m starting with unshakable confidence in myself.

Continue tapping through the points as feels right: Remember all those times I succeeded? 

Hey that was me! I did it! I overcame obstacles. Against All Odds.

Sometimes I even made it look easy. I even surprised myself! 

I’m okay with surprising myself again 

I am completely secure in myself and my own abilities. I know that I can do this. 

I’m setting my mind right.

It’s not too far-fetched.

I have a clear image of how I’m going to feel. 

It’s going to all work out as well as possible. 

I’m going to be calling all my friends saying, “Can you believe it? I can’t believe it’s really true! Yes, really!”

I open myself up possibility of success.

I open myself up to the possibility of joy.

Starting now I allow myself to be comfortable with positive emotions.

I’m ready for it all: happiness, love, balance, energy.

I can almost taste it.

Powerful forces are already at work bringing me my intention. The stars are already starting to align. Behind the scenes the wheels are in motion. I am ready to receive.

I will be throwing up in my arms saying yes thank you! Yes, thank you!
I am already so grateful for this possibility in my life. I’m grateful for what I have so I know I will be grateful for what is yet to come.

I know that this power is already within me. I know that I already have all the skills I need. I already have all the ability I need. All the right connections.

I have everything that I need to bring us through to fruition.  

I am enough, I have enough, I do enough.

Everything is already falling in to place for me.

Take a moment to breathe, move and let any of your body’s natural reactions to come up and out.

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