Back to school, back to business

Tapping Script

Karate chop:

Even though summer is over, I can keep moving forward

Even though I may not like everything about it, but I can like myself

It’s back to school and I feel a sense of newness

Cycle through your tapping points:

Summer is over and here I am

Shorter days, chilly nights

No more languishing in the heat

A time to look back at all the fun I had

A reminder that all things must come to an end

And maybe I’m feeling a little regret

Maybe I’m feeling pressured moving forward

Maybe I’m having trouble

I feel my body having trouble transitioning into the fall

But summer is coming to an end and I feel the change

No more summer heat

It’s time for cozy sweaters

No more ice cream…

Okay I’m probably still going to eat ice cream

And it’s a chance to move forward

I choose to look forward on a positive note

It’s back to school, back to business

A chance to look back at the wonderful weather

At all the fun stuff that I did

Now I’m ready to step forward into a new season

I am ready to get it together!

Getting back in to routines

Taking time for myself

Taking care of my health

Feeling the movitation of cooler temperatures

Opening the windows and letting in a fresh breeze

Getting back in to the swing of things

I’m making things happen

I’m making lists of everything I need to do

And everything I want to do

And I’m checking things off one by one

I love the momentum of getting things moving

Once I start, it all seems to come together

It all seems easier once you take the first step

Now is the time to get everything in order

Get the ball rolling

And keep it rolling too

The first step is always the hardest

And it’s always easier after that first step

Everything is coming together now

I feel a sense of newness

I feel revitalized

I feel a fresh sense of energy

Everything is coming together now

It’s back to school and it’s back to business

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